Email is an essential element of any thriving business. Yet, choosing the right email solution for your business can be daunting. Kaizen Solution offers best in class email solutions along with fully loaded features. Choosing the perfect email hosting package creates a significant impact on the way you do business. The business email account helps you for accomplishing so many tasks. That is why it is substantial to have an email service that offers storage, spam, webmail, document sharing and Virus protection that expands your business. We provide you with an email address that matches your domain name and providing you quick credibility.

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What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service that allows you to create a custom email address to send and receive emails. Your email will represent your domain name or the name of your company. That is, if your domain is, then your email would be [email protected].

What are the benifits Email Hosting?

Email hosting increases your brand confidence as it makes your company look professional. With email hosting, you can use your name coupled with your website domain to show that you are a real, established business. It’s much more professional than [email protected] and also creates brand awareness from the get-go.

Another great benefit of email hosting is the security that it provides. With your email hosting, you are less at risk from an attack by hackers.

What’s included in an Email Hosting plan?

With email hosting, you have access to online archives, a historical record of your business’ communications, that can go back as far as 5-10 years. That way, if you ever have valuable information stored in an email from a client, or there’s an attachment you forgot to download, it will remain in your archives.

Email hosting also allows for multiple mailboxes, something that is essential for business. Businesses often use various mailboxes for a whole range of tasks: an admin mailbox for general queries, a billing mailbox where invoices are managed, a customer support mailbox to deal with problems, etc. The choices are limitless! It’s a helpful way to keep on top of your tasks and organise your business. It also adds a sense of credibility—customers will see that you are a well-organised company with various departments who take care of multiple functions.

When it comes to pricing, choosing an email hosting package depends on the services you require. For example, you may want to purchase email hosting on its own or as part of a bundle deal that includes web, domain, and email hosting in one go. It depends totally on your needs.

There are various storage options, so that will suit your business needs as it grows.

Who needs email Hosting?

Small to medium business or even any company that is still using a free email provider service, then email hosting is essential for you. Given that you can modify your email hosting package at any time to accommodate the needs with your growing business, it’s a service you should not overlook.

Email Hosting
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